Colored Planter Boxes

Our metal planter boxes come in a variety of colors to ensure you find the one that suits your backyard. Whether you’re looking for a raised flower box or a metal planter box, we are here to help. All of our steel garden planter boxes are highly durable and will last long in a variety of weather conditions. They are handcrafted with a taller bed design to ensure easy access and require less bending. A metal planter box is a perfect addition to any porch, deck, gate entrance, or backyard to accent your landscape’s design. To order a metal garden box, check out the various colors below and place an order. If you have any questions on materials or colors, contact our team!

Add Color to Your Landscape with Colored Planter Boxes

Depending on where you are in The United States, your landscape may be desperate for a pop of color. For example, if you live someplace snowy, it may be gray outside for months on end. Alternatively, if you live in the desert all you may see are sandy colors, and if you live in the forest, greens and shades of brown are all around. Luckily, our colored planter boxes come in a variety of colors that can either blend in seamlessly with the landscape or command attention with brilliant color.